{Outfit of the Day} Blueberry Muffin Pie

December 03, 2012

This is one of my favourite casual wear so far. It gives a sweet and breezy daytime look and makes you look like a cutie pie (that's what I'd like to think). If you were tricked by the title and are actually interested in baking a muffin pie, then, here is a recipe I found. I'm not a big fan of pies, I think I enjoy dressing like one more.

The blue lace skirt is the winning piece of this outfit. My friend, Karen, who is petite, always shops at the kid's section to find her size. As I was shopping with her one day, I was amazed to see all these cute intricate wear for kids today. I found this mini skirt in Youth size 12-13 and tried them on just for kicks. And surprisingly it fits! For only $20, I purchased them without hesitation. I've now found the greatest way to save money on clothes.

{ Outfit Overview }

Denim shirt/blouse from Zara, similar here

White cotton tank from American Eagle, similar here - you can find this anywhere

Blue lace skirt from H&M, similar here - I found this in the Kid's section! Youth size 12-13. What an awesome find.

Camel fringe boots from Hong Kong, similar here - my favourite boots, they have hidden heels inside 

Vintage shoulder bag from my aunt's yard sale, similar here - ended up getting the bag for free! Lucky me.

Vintage leather watch from Timex, see here

Gold cross bracelet from Aldo, similar here

Chain bracelet from Hong Kong, similar here

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