{DIY} Despicable Me Minion Iphone Cozy

July 08, 2013

Have you watched Despicable Me 2 yet? There has been a massive promotional activities for this movie since the beginning of summer. I see footsteps of these cute little minions no matter where I go. And some of my friends have started a minion toy hunt to every Mcdonald's they can find near them.

{Spotted at Shops at Don Mills}

I love the minions, and who doesn't? So I decided to use them as inspiration and make an iphone case out of felt. This was an experiment I did a while ago when the first Despicable Me came out (as you can see I was still using my iPhone 3GS back then). I'm still trying to figure out which material works the best for this matter. I didn't want to make an iphone pouch, I wanted to make a case the protects my iphone from scratching while I'm using it. I added a slot for the charging cable and a hole for the speaker. It turned out okay but I think felt probably isn't the best material to use. And of course, my ringtone is now the infamous Banana song!

Feel free to follow my template or make your own.

Note: Adjust your phone size and screen size accordingly.

Iphone (3GS) Size: 2.4" x 4.5"
Screen size: 2"x 3.25"

Have fun with Banana-na!

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