#HosGoGlobal to Europe {Athens, Greece}

August 06, 2016

Athens was one of my most anticipated destinations during my #HosGoGlobal Journey to Europe. I have been dying to visit the Acropolis of Athens ever since I learned about Greek architectures in school. The glorious Parthenon reminded me of art history classes and restored my appreciation to ancient architecture. Tourist were everywhere when we visited this historic site. We literally had to line up one by one to get to the Parthenon. It was too bad that they were doing repairs at the time. Because those steel frameworks and cranes were quite disruptive to the beautiful scenery.

{Sights to see}

{Souvenirs to bring home}

  • Greek Key Jewelry
  • Olive tree wood work
  • Gold Jewelry

 {#HosGoGlobal to Europe}

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