Ferrero Chocolate Bouquet for Valentine's {Tutorial}

January 16, 2017

Valentine's day is coming up soon! I thought it would a perfect timing to share this tutorial for those who are looking for a handmade Valentine's gift idea. I actually made this chocolate bouquet as a gift for a colleague at work. She's a snacker, and she munches on candies and chocolates at her desk all the time. Even though she likes to eat chocolates but, I honestly don't want to just gift a regular box of chocolates. I want to put in some effort and personalize it to make it more special. So, I thought why not package it into a nice flower bouquet? After all, most ladies would appreciate a bouquet as a surprise, right?

And I like to sell this tutorial as "killing two birds with one stone". You have BOTH flower bouquet and chocolates in ONE GIFT! How amazing is that?

How to make a Ferrero Chocolate Bouquet


Bamboo sticks x 6 or more if you want to make a larger bouquet
Ferrero Chocolates 
Tissue papers (I used red and teal colours), cut into square pieces
Elastic band


Step 1: Pierce each Ferrero chocolate. Make sure that you poke far but not far enough that the stick pokes out of the chocolate.

Step 2: Grab the tissue paper squares and fold each of them diagonally at an angle. Wrap each stick with tissue paper and secure the bottom edge with tape.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 with teal tissue paper.

Step 4: Gather all the "skewers" into a bunch and tape the end so that they form a bouquet.

Step 5: Get a large piece of tissue paper and wrap the bunch. Twist the end so that the tissue paper wraps around the end of the skewers. Secure the bunch with tape.

Step 6:  Tie the bunch with ribbon and you're done!

Not a chocolate person? You could also do a bouquet with cake pops!

I’m linking this project up at some terrific blog parties – you can find my complete list of places I party HERE.

Have a happy Valentine's Day!

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